A new coaching program that will change the way you approach your projects and goals. Rooted in your most authentic values, your highest commitments are sourced from deep inner satisfaction, well-being and joy. 

For a limited time.....



There is no reason why you can't live life the way you want to, on your terms. 

A lot of us have ideas about what would make our lives better and yet we have no idea how to go out about making that happen. Or you might develop a plan you're really excited about and run in full speed ahead. Then you hit a snag or someone tells you you're nuts, you get derailed and end up right where you were. 

Maybe you're not sure what you want. You're ready to change things up but are uncertain about where to start. 

Sound familiar? That space where you talk yourself out of moving forward with something - anything - is where magic happens, my friend! 

Elemental Success is here to help you maintain the course and stay connected with why you wanted this in the first place. With an awesome coach and community, you can make this happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time you 
Finally do it

 Elemental Success =

Achievement cultivated from self-awareness and deep inner

Here's What You get to help you succeed:

Purpose + Plan

Grow your life from the elements of your true nature and desires. Unapologetically own what you want out of life and stop wasting time defending it. 


A weekly meet-up with your coach and/or fellow coaching comrades. A place to get and give support, be coached around your roadblocks and celebrate your accomplishments.

Freedom To Be

An inclusive, safe space to express yourself and your ideas without people saying "I think you should.." and "But have you thought about...". 

Module One

Meet your Elemental comrades!
We get clear on what our agreements, expectations and declarations. Identify desired goals and outcomes for our time together. 

Design your future vision with precision. Is this what you want or what you think you should want? 

We'll create distinctions around doing vs being, breakthroughs, overwhelm/stress cycle, integrity and commitment. Is this project going to enhance your life or become a burden?

Work at your own pace ~ PDF and workbook support to guide you in independent study

program breakdown:

Module Two

We'll detail your project design with related actions, milestones and resources.

What results do you really want? How do you maintain momentum when things feel, um, less than exciting?

Attach a rewards system to milestones as a pathway for celebrating what is going well and practicing excellence over perfection.

PDF and workbook support for ongoing development

Module Three

Blocks! Limiting beliefs! Mind trash! What is in the way of your goals and what are you going to be responsible for?

How does trust show up in your life? How is your past informing the actions you're taking today for a future you want to create?

What are your thoughts/judgements/interpretations around success, money, love, happiness, etc? Create a new self-awareness that will blow the roof off your old habits. 

PDF support for ongoing development






 In just three months you could Have..

This is your moment!

A project designed for you by you with clear, actionable steps to reach your desired outcome

 Deepened self-awareness, how to generate your own future and blow your own mind

 The power and satisfaction of making something happen for yourself using tools you can apply anywhere, for the rest of your life

  Be able to spot and subvert burnout and overwhelm in order maintain your momentum with ease.

A reinvigorated sense of purpose and direction in the New Year

ENROLL below

"Since beginning my work with Chelsea, I've grown from feeling uncertain about my future to excited and curious about exploring new opportunities.

 I've learned to make empowering choices that come from my true self, rather than my self-defense mechanisms."

~Amy S.

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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Get out of indecision and into decisive action. Get out of your own way.

empower the things you really care about

Do you want to create a passive income stream but can't decide what to offer and also want to a career change and have your first art show but what you really want is to travel for three months but also really want a dog and a hamster and to move somewhere you can have pets and you should really just start meditating? And and and?  

I really, really, REALLY want you to come out of this course with tools you can apply anywhere in life. You will focus on one project during the course of our time together but there's no need to freak out about whether or not you choose the "right" thing. You are a multi-faceted human with many interests. You do not have to choose to do one thing at the expense of your other ideas. 

Five years ago, I made the life altering decision to change my career

......and then couldn't make a decision to save my life. Approximately five thousand ideas were swarming, from becoming a ceramicist to starting a marshmallow company. 

After hiring a coach (and soon after becoming one), it became clear that no idea I've ever had was as ludicrous as I thought it was at the time. I simply didn't have the support or confidence to follow through with anything. 

i can help because i've been there

and nowI know how to help!

This      for you if:

You're really ready for change

You're not ready for change

YOu want to live from a more empowered place


you're sick of thinking "If only..."

It's probably        for you if...

YOU're not going to show up




World class coaching with supportive comrades

+ 10 hours of coaching over 12 weeks
(a $2250 value) with an experienced, professionally-trained coach

+ Three different available times (see FAQ below for details)

+ Weekly accountability and support in a small group of focused people where inclusivity is valued  

+ PDF support with widely applicable tools

+ Affordability! Less than half the price of individual coaching with a payment plan available

Payment Plan

3 payments of $275

One Payment 

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Package item will display here

Package item will display here

Package item will display here

1 payment of $750

best value!

select the Group plan that works for you:

Go solo!

Not a group person? That's okay! I've got you....

Individual coaching is a better fit for some people and for most,  gets you further, faster. For a limited time, private coaching packages are available at a special Elemental Success rate.

+ Over 10 hours of coaching over 12 weeks (a $2250 value)
+ Weekly between-session check-ins as needed (15 min)
+ Individualized, focused private coaching 
+ PDF support with widely applicable tools

this is me

Payment Plan

Yes! I'm ready to blow the roof off this thing & go further, faster.

Sign. Me. Up.

3 payments of $575

One Payment 

1 payment of $1650

best value!

select the individual plan that works for you:

Payment Plan

3 payments of $275

One Payment 

Package item will display here

Package item will display here

Package item will display here

Package item will display here

1 payment of $750

best value!

select the Group plan that works for you:

What is the time commitment?

As with any coaching or development course, the deeper you're willing to go, the more you'll get out of program. Putting at least an hour into your project between sessions is a great place to start. My goal is that is something you see as a fun, creative outlet that you'll feel compelled to devote time and take action on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a group person and don't get me started on random strangers

Hello, fellow introvert. I'm glad you're here. 
Meeting and sharing your dreams with new people can be daunting. I hear you. Aaaannnnd... that's sort of the point. We don't change anything in our lives until we start, well, changing our lives. This means doing things that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable, a little weird. The good news is that it won't stay uncomfortable and it will be completely worth it.

Also, bring a pal! Get five of you together and I'll give you a discount! If having a familiar face by your side is going to help you the most out of this then you do you, boo. If this still doesn't speak to you, private coaching may be the thing for you. Talk to me. 

This inclusive coaching program is open to women, femmes, non-binary and essentially anyone who has been directly effected by misogyny. I stand firmly with and am grateful for the voices of marginalized people. I recognize that I directly benefit from white supremacy and colonization, and that I personally live and work on Coast Salish Territory. If you are a person who feels confronted by any of the above statements, this program is not for you. 

When is this happening? 

Who is this program for? 

In the New Year, 2022, with ten sessions in twelve weeks. Private coaching is scheduled individually. For groups, there are three different time slots and each group is limited to five people. They are filled on a first come/first served basis so please reserve ASAP!

Tuesdays at 4pm January 4th - March 22nd. Integration Weeks*: Jan. 25th & March 3rd
Thursdays at 6pm January 6th - March 24th. Integration Weeks: Jan. 27th & March 4th
Fridays at 10am January 7th - March 25th. Integration Weeks: Jan. 28th & March 5th
* a week with no coaching session to give you time to catch up on your project or simply take a break

A replacement session (same day/time) will be tacked onto the end of your program in the event I cancel due to due to illness or an emergency. If you miss a session you may request the session notes and/or Zoom recording. A Zoom recording will be made only if every group member agrees to the terms. Sessions missed by private coaching clients are subject to contract terms that will be discussed and clarified at signing.  

let's work together

What if, by spring, you had established something entirely new in your life? What would it mean to you to be on the other side of whatever it is that stops you from moving forward?  

for you